About us

Waterpurifiaction-athome.com is part of a larger organization that is active in the home / garden industry. For example, we have had a webshop in decorative products for in and around the house (www.houseandgarden.shop) for a number of years, but we have now been active in water purification and power storage for six months. We also see the society that is working on making it more sustainable for the environment and now also for the wallet. 


With regard to water purification, we see that more and more people no longer trust the water that comes out of the tap (which is also (increasingly) justified) and that people also want to take care of themselves. No more being dependent on agencies that go hand in hand with the government and therefore do not have to take into account, in any way whatsoever, what these large agencies and governments want. For example, there are currently experts who predict water (and power) shortages, then such a water treatment plant at home is of course a great outcome, which will most likely become a lot more expensive in the coming decades. that is why we want to start offering these beautiful systems now, because it is now not only useful for a campsite, in a Tiny House, on a boat or at home (some countries necessary, some countries wise), but in the future may become a must and by offering it now, it is still a small investment.


This actually goes hand in hand with our power storage systems that make people independent of the mains power. Our systems work independently (off-grid), so that the systems themselves work with the power that is extracted themselves (even though there is no mains power) → think of electricity via solar panels or windmills that we also offer. 


For all questions about the power systems you can mail to info@houseandgarden.shop (since there is no site for this yet) and for questions about the water treatment plants you can mail to info@waterpurification-athome.com or call +31618729994.