Descaling water


Currently, it is becoming increasingly clear that the water coming out of our taps is not that clean at all. What often occurs in it is a high concentration of calcium and magnesium (lime), which causes hard water. This gives you this ''white'' deposit on your plumbing and kitchen and can make the water taste foul. It is also not good for our health.


So lime has this effect:



Lime can be remedied by an RF filter, also called: demineralisation filter. This reduces or even eliminates limescale. For this, we have a very nice filter that can be supplied in 30 litres or 45 litres. 30 Liter filters are more than enough for households, 45 Liter filters are for swimming pools and other places where a lot of water is used.


So to descale your water, you need an RF filter AND a blue housing that comes between the pipe. Find the RF filter here:






If you want to remove other substances from the water, you can choose larger housings with multiple filters (see: systems without UV) and add the RF (DI) filter separately.


To completely purify the water of viruses and bacteria, take a look at our UV systems: see here.

To see our individual filters and what they can do: see here.