Water filters with UV

Here you will find our water purification systems that can purify any water into drinking water in a simple, compact and inexpensive way. All bacteria and viruses are removed by means of the UV technique and the filters in the system also purify the most important particles (which you do not want in the water).

If you know that there is a lot of a certain substance in your water and want to filter it, you will find the different types of filters and the function of each filter under filters and accessories (at the bottom of the category page).

These filters are therefore extremely suitable for filtering into drinking water, water for washing dishes or water for showering!

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Product 1 to 8 (of 9 products) Result:12NextShow all

The systems are easy to install (you also receive a manual), compact, a good investment and are simple to maintain (filters and UV lamps are easy to replace)!

We are often asked what the difference is with Osmose. Osmosis is also called demineralized water, which means that the water is purified from ions (''hard'' water is remedied with this). For this we have 1 filter that fits within these systems (a DI or demineralization filter, which you can find under ''filters and accessories''). Our systems therefore filter more substances and are also suitable for drinking water (which osmosis is not), all in all osmosis is useful for softening water, but nothing more. The systems on this site purify more or different substances (depending on the filters you choose)!

If you are wondering what the right filters are for you (if the water is brown or smelly, for example), you can always email or call us (info@waterpurification-athome.com / +31618729994).