Small water treatment plant for motorhomes, caravans and more


Small water treatment plant for motorhomes, caravans and more.

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This is a small, innovative and ingenious water purification system that is perfectly suited for motorhomes, caravans and other situations where not much water needs to be purified. This ''undersink'' water filter consists of a CTO carbon water filter and a UV LED system. This system has a longer lifespan, partly due to the LED lighting and the automatic switch for the water flow. Only when the water flows does the UV lamp work, otherwise it is off. It works on 12 or 24 DC or on 230 Volts.

A super handy system and very easy to install and use!

Easy to install between a pipe (instruction manual included)​.

Dimensions approx: width 15 cm x depth 14 cm x height 36 cm.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 15 cm x 14 cm x 36 cm.

A manual is included!

TIP: If you clean water other than tap water, use a pre-filter (see recommended articles) to protect your filters from twigs and more!​​

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