Systems with UV lighting


What distinguishes the systems with UV lighting from the systems without UV lighting is that (almost) all bacteria and viruses are removed. This is therefore very suitable for purifying rainwater, river water or water from a lake into drinking water, for example. The dirtier the water, the more phases are recommended. Consider the following system as an example:




This system has a total of 4 phases (3 filters and UV), this means that the sediment, rust, scale, bad taste, smell, chlorine, chemicals, cysts, sediment, rust and scale (but then smaller particles) and the other bacteria and viruses are removed (up to 99.99%). This is a lot, in addition, these filters (with the large blue casings) can filter 45 liters per minute.


Another example is the following:



This system has 3 phases and filters the following: bad taste, smell, chlorine, chemicals, cysts, sediment, rust, scale and the other bacteria and viruses (up to 99.99%). As you can see, they both filter the same things, only the larger system has one extra filter that filters smaller particles. In addition, these are the smaller filters that filter 30 liters per minute. For example, every system in the composition of filters is different. So you can test the water and purchase a system based on that, but the rule of thumb is that the dirtier the water, the more phases are recommended. However, by testing the water you know what you want to filter and you can also purchase filters based on that.


If you want to purify rainwater or river / lake water, a multi-stage system is definitely recommended, a smaller system is more suitable for the home. On our category page of the systems with UV you will find a little more information and you will be informed about filters, which is explained in more detail on the category page ''filters and accessories''.

Then a question that is often asked: what is the difference with Osmose. Osmosis is also called demineralized water, which means that the water is purified from ions (''hard'' water is remedied with this). For this we have a filter that fits within these systems (a DI or demineralization filter, which you can find under ''filters and accessories''). Our systems therefore filter more substances and are also suitable for drinking water (which osmosis is not), all in all osmosis is useful for softening water, but nothing more. The systems on this site therefore purify more - or different substances (depending on the filters you choose)!