Systems without UV lighting


The systems without UV lighting have 3, 2 or 1 phase(s) in which many types of water can also be purified. If you buy a system with the goal: drinking water, it is advisable to test the water if you want to go for a system without UV lighting. If it appears that there are no bacteria and viruses in it, you can purchase a system without UV lighting, if they are in it, it is advisable to go for a system with UV lighting.  If you are not sure, a system with UV lighting is the safe choice.


If you want to purify the water for, for example, the washing machine (since the laundry stinks → which can certainly come through the water) a system without UV lighting is enough. The systems state which filters are in it and what they do. For example, some improve the smell (top for the washing machine of course), but some also remove sediment, organic particles, heavy metals and many more different particles from the water. In the descriptions, this information is already described and you can decide which device is suitable for you.


We will show you two different systems below to make it clear what exactly the differences are:



So the left system has two phases and the right three phases. So both can contain different types of filters, matching your water or your desired result. Which filters are in the descriptions, but in principle you could also order other filters afterwards that fit your situation even better. In addition, with the left system, the filters are longer as you can see. This system can therefore filter 45 liters per minute, in the right this is 30 liters per minute.